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Claude looked up into Sebastian’s eyes” I would love to cook for you.” He smiled. He wanted so much to tell him. He wanted to let Sebastian know how much he truly enjoyed his company. But would he believe him. ” What would you want me to make for you? “ 

Sebastian rested his head on his hand casually. He smirked lightly, “how about you make it a surprise for me? If you know me well you would know what to cook me.” He chuckled lightly. “Consider it a challenge, Claude.”


He leaned in so he was looking down at Sebastian.” Yes, well I happen to rather like dancing with you. I also love the look you get in your eyes when I get you all riled up” He smirked wickedly” I would love to see what other reactions… I could be allowed to provide you”

"Me? Riled up?" Sebastian questioned over exaggerating his tone. He leaned closer to Claude, "and if I allowed you…will I be pleasantly surprised?"

checkmateciel sent: Here Kitty Kitty



( Going to use my AU modern sebastian for this as I would prefer Ciel to be older if this went sexual ^^”)

Sebastian had been asleep on his bed taking a nap, he had come home rather tired. He stirred awake and tried to yawn, but he felt something he his mouth. A cloth of some sort…? He opened his eyes to darkness and he felt something on his throat. There was something amiss about all this and he attempted to stay calm about the whole situation. He slowly went to move his hands to try and prop himself and hope that some light would come to this.

Ciel shuddered at the touch. He liked it. He  leaned into it and purred like a little kitten”  I would like to see the lights from above and maybe  go watch the water for a time. What about you” 

Such cat like noises did not go amiss from Sebastian’s ears. “I have not traveled the world properly in an age. Does traveling spark around the world spark any interest for you?”


"….thanks again sebastian…I don’t know why you bother doing it, but you’re always there for me when I need you…."

"It’s no trouble, Ciel." Sebastian spoke gently, "someone’s got to look after you eh?"

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Anonymous sent: Dear Sebastian, Why do you love cats so much? I mean, I'm a fan of cats myself, but you seem to have quite a deep-seated passion for them. Is there any particular reason why?

Sebastian’s eyes lit up instantly at the grey face’s question.

"If you saw the pets that the demon realm has you would understand why these felines in this world are so refined and are perfection alone in their very being…The soft and cushion like pads on their paws, the shining and silky fur that makes them glow in comparison to filthy mutts…"

The speech continued for some time…before the opening click of a pocket watch was heard.

"Ah, I have gotten carried away…There are chores I must attend to. But I hope my reply answers your question."


Anonymous sent: So Sebby, have you ever actually taken a woman (Aside from the Nun that one time) and enjoyed it? Also, about how big is your manhood in inches? - A curious anon

"Well dear grey face that would depend. If you mean a female demon, then at that time when I only focused on the quantity of souls and not the quality I would try to sate my hunger and boredom with female demons. Of course there is pleasure but like my past I have not found someone who I do not grow tired of. As for my manhood, I would hate to ruin the surprise, but I can say that I have had many a woman clawing at my back as they scream my name from fulfillment…"


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Sebastian and his cute little cat friend